Childer's Summer Reading Week 6

Miss Chris is reading "Mind Your Manners, BB Wolf," by Judy Sierra  and "The Fourth Little Pig," by Teresa Celsi on Facebook and YouTube.

        Mind Your Manners, BB Wolf             Fourth Little Pig

These are not the usual stories about the Big, Bad Wolf or the Three Little Pigs.
A take-home package with an activity, craft, or challenge for children will be available for curbside pickup beginning Wednesday.  Use the directions inside to make puppets from lunch bags this week.
We are OPEN, but you can still get curbside pickup for books for your children to read this summer.  Tell us the child's name, age/grade level, what kind of books they like/want, and whose card to check the books out to.  We will pick books from our shelves, let you know when the are ready. You can pick them up at your convenience, Monday - Friday, 10-4. 
       It's time to read for fun and let your imagination soar!  Have a great summer!