Thank you

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following persons and organizations for donations given recently:

 Mouse House in memory of Roberta P. Mohr by Gail L. Elder.

The Ford Tri-Motor 1926-1992 in memory of David St. Clair by Sandy Zenser.

Fear donated by Elizabeth Deitzel.

Donation in memory of Rex Rutledge by Scott Gluth & family.

Donation in memory of Janet Damschroder by Judith Meyer & Barry Hall.

Donation in memory of Mary Ann Behm by Judith Meyer-Hall.

Monetary donations in memory of Dale Solze by Mr. & Mrs. Steve Arndt, Dorothy Buchman, Michael Clowe, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Courtney, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Degrisky, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dornbusch, Christine Hablitzel, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gaines, Mr. & Mrs. Clark Lieske, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mensing, Deborah McGuire, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Pachasa, Beverly Syrowski, Todd & Lisa Young, Friends of Bonnie & Dale, and the Oak Harbor Marsh Club.

Other monetary donations from Donald & Sue Ekleberry.